‘Not all terraces will be profitable’ union warns

‘Not all terraces will be profitable’ union warns
Photo from the office of Pascal Smet.

SNI, the union for the self-employed, is calling for more clarity regarding the measures that allow terraces to reopen in May.

“Not all terraces will be profitable,” the union warned on Thursday, following the decisions of the Consultative Committee which met the day prior.

“We hope to have more clarity very soon, because it will be important for the horeca establishments to know if they can follow this plan.”

The union said that the success of a possible partial reopening of the horeca sector on 8 May will depend on a number of factors, and on the answers to the questions that are still pending.

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In the union’s opinion, too many questions remain on the definition and layout of a terrace (for example, whether it is covered or not), along with health and safety measures.

The SNI also asked for financial support to continue for businesses even if they partially reopen with a terrace.

“This support must not be reduced, because the simple opening of a terrace will only be a drop in the ocean, in terms of turnover,” SNI said. “The current support must be maintained at the same level in this struggle for survival.”

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