Belgium approves third self-test for sale in pharmacies

Belgium approves third self-test for sale in pharmacies
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A third self-test has been authorised for sale in pharmacies in Belgium, the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) announced on Thursday.

After the self-tests from Roche and Biosynex, the one from the Xiamen Boson Biotech company has now also been given the green light.

Since 6 April, pharmacists in Belgium have been allowed to sell self-tests to private individuals. The tests resemble the rapid coronavirus tests, but do not need to be taken by a doctor or a nurse. The result is known in roughly 20 minutes.

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However, while self-tests are now a main part of Belgium's "testing strategy 2.0," they only have a reliability of about 80%.

This means they can give a false (both positive and negative) result, which is why authorities continue to stress the importance of respecting the coronavirus measures, even after a negative self-test result.

Additionally, the pharmacist is required to inform the buyer about the test’s use and must also make it clear that consulting with a doctor is mandatory after a positive result.

For people who are entitled to an increased allowance, the tests will cost €1. For the general population, the price will vary between €7 and €8, depending on the test, according to the authorities.

More info on how self-tests work and how they fit into Belgium's strategy can be found here.

Maïthé Chini

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