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Tom Van Grieken can tweet again after Twitter ban

Credit: Belga

Vlaams Belang chairman Tom Van Grieken’s Twitter ban has ended, meaning the politician is back on Twitter again.

His account was locked last week after he accused the chairman of Vooruit in the Antwerp district of decorating his house “with posters of mass murderers like Stalin, and other communist propaganda.”

Twitter blocked Van Grieken’s account “for violating the rules for posting private material of a person from a country with recognised legislation on the right to privacy.”

Finally, access to my account again. Censoring of MPs and citizens by foreign multinationals must stop. That is why we have submitted a bill against censorship on social media. I wonder if you will support it.

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“Censoring of MPs and citizens by foreign multinationals must stop,” Van Grieken tweeted.

His party already submitted a bill intended to prevent social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter from arbitrarily removing users and posts, according to HLN.

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