More than one in four people over the age of 80 still not vaccinated in Wallonia

More than one in four people over the age of 80 still not vaccinated in Wallonia
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Between 26 and 28% of people over the age of 80 in Wallonia have still not yet made an appointment to be vaccinated, even though all invitations have been sent out.

In response, the region has decided to relaunch the vaccination campaign for the elderly, calling it “Re Vax 80+.”

“‘Re Vax 80+’ is another opportunity for people aged 80 years and over to be vaccinated before the end of the vaccination process in phase 1B,” authorities said. “If they don't take this second chance, they will still be able to go and get vaccinated with the general population but will lose their priority.”

Wallonian vaccination centres are currently vaccinating people aged 65 and over in descending order of age. They’re also gradually vaccinating younger people with comorbidities.

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As of Tuesday, 25.2% of the adult population has received a dose of the vaccine in Wallonia, authorities said, but the number of people over the age of 80 who are still not vaccinated is concerning, prompting Wallonia to launch the Re Vax 80+ operation.

People aged 80 and over whose invite code expired, or who lost it, or who otherwise have not yet made a vaccination appointment are encouraged to call the number 0800/45 019. They will be given an appointment at a vaccination centre.

Relatives of the elderly, their families and their friends are also being asked to help spread awareness.

The 0800/45 019 vaccination call centre has been specially set up for the occasion. Operators dedicated to the 'Re Vax 80+' action specifically will be answering callers.

People unable to travel to vaccination centres will be vaccinated at home.

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