Police finish search after Anderlecht fire, no new victims

Police finish search after Anderlecht fire, no new victims
Photo by Walter Derieuw.

Police have finished their search of the rubble following a major fire in Anderlecht on Monday that left at least three people dead and 30 others hospitalised, and there are currently no signs of additional victims or missing occupants.

The building remains too unstable at the moment for the fire expert to visit the scene and look for a cause.

On Tuesday, police used drones to search through what remained of the apartment building where the fire occurred.

They found the bodies of what are thought to be a father and his 14-year-old daughter who were said to be still missing, though those bodies have yet to be officially identified.

Bruzz reported that witnesses and residents of the building spoke of “several people” still missing yesterday, but authorities say this isn't the case.

“As far as we know now, two people were missing. At the moment we do not know anyone who is still wanted,” Willemien Baert of the Brussels public prosecutor's office told Bruzz.

“All the people we were looking for have been found,” said spokesperson Sarah Frederickx of the Brussels-South police zone. “There were no more people on our lists.”

While many of those injured in the fire remain hospitalised, the Brussels fire brigade says their four injured firefighters can return to work.

“One person is unfit for work for one night, the other three are back on duty,” said spokesperson Walter Derieuw.

“They are seriously affected by the incident and are receiving assistance from our stress team.”

The police have passed on Tuesday's drone images to the public prosecutor's fire expert.

Until that expert can go to the scene, the police themselves will not carry out any more investigations.

Helen Lyons

The Brussels Times

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