Speed camera marathon finds 11.7% of vehicles driving too fast
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Speed camera marathon finds 11.7% of vehicles driving too fast

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Antwerp police’s 24-hour speed camera marathon found that 11.7% of vehicles passing through speed checkpoints were driving too fast.

Three drivers had their licenses revoked for 15 days, one person was caught driving under the influence of alcohol and another was under the influence of drugs.

Of the 3,776 vehicles that passed through police radar, 443 were speeding. Traffic police pulled over 94 drivers either because they had foreign license plates and therefore needed to pay a speeding ticket immediately, or because their speed was considerably too high (for example, one driver was going 93 km/h in a 50 km/h zone).

Other speeders can expect their fines in the mail.

The massive operation began yesterday morning and involved 119 police zones and speed checks at 621 locations on motorways, expressways and local roads.

“Of course, the unmanned cameras and route checks that we use on a daily basis were also used during the speed camera marathon,” police added in a press statement. “These results have not yet been processed.”

There were manned speed checks as well as mobile speed cameras stationed along Bredabaan, Sint-Bernardsesteenweg, Kernenergiestraat, Vogelzanglaan, Belcrowlaan, Posthofbrug, Blancefloerlaan, Schroeilaan and Quinten Matsijslei.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times