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Decline in covid-19 cases in schools after Easter break

Credit: Belga

The number of Covid-19 cases seen in Belgium’s Francophone schools following the Easter holidays is down compared to the weeks preceding the decision to close schools early, statistics from the National Children’s Office (ONE) showed on Wednesday.

Between 19 and 25 April, 1,096 cases were reported to the school health promotion teams (PSE), including 875 cases among pupils in primary and secondary education (out of 900,000 pupils in Belgium’s French community), i.e. 0.096% of pupils.

According to information known to the PSE teams, the number of pupils and students newly quarantined during the week is 3,000, with at least 79 staff members quarantined

Of the student cases:

  • 6% were tested for contact at school,
  • 27% for symptoms,
  • 55% for close contact in the family.

Among staff members:

  • 3% were tested for contact at school,
  • 26% for close contact in the family,
  • 55% were tested for symptoms.

In the week before the three-week school break (one week of early closure plus two weeks of spring break), i.e. from 22 to 28 March, 3,518 Covid cases were reported in schools.

The Brussels Times