Strike scheduled for Francophone daycares this Wednesday

Strike scheduled for Francophone daycares this Wednesday
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Parents should expect a new work stoppage in French-speaking daycares on 5 May.

The common trade union front has issued a strike notice for the childcare sector for Wednesday, with workers' representatives demanding better working conditions and a recognition bonus for staff who are highly exposed to the coronavirus.

Childcare workers have remained active since the beginning of the crisis and have adapted to multiple health procedures in order to be able to care for the country’s youngest children, the unions say.

Staff, who are mostly women, are particularly at risk as they have difficulty applying barrier procedures with toddlers.

The unions have already asked for additional compensation in light of these risks during a previous action held on 1 April. They also want nursery staff to be given priority for vaccination.

The unions Setca, CNE and CGSLB say Children's Minister Bénédicte Linard (Ecolo) refuses to listen to the workers' complaints.

The organisations are calling for the application of an agreement between the social partners that provides an extra day's leave for all (and two for those aged 45 or older) with compensatory hiring.

The unions are demanding a pay rise for the workers, the granting of employee status to a thousand child-minders, a new management contract with the Office de la naissance et de l'enfance (ONE), and end-of-career arrangements.

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