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Port of Antwerp switches to LED bulbs

Photo from Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp has completed a large-scale project to switch its 2,423 lightbulbs to interactive LED ones this month.

The work, completed with Flemish grid operator Fluvius, took around four months to finish and is part of the Port’s broader sustainability plan.

The new LED bulbs each have their own dimming profile, and are better for the environment because they’re more efficient than traditional bulbs.

But beyond the sustainability goals, the Port of Antwerp expects the LEDs to improve safety and security.

“The new, interactive LED lights send out a message when they are faulty,” said Peter Melis, senior technical manager projects at Port of Antwerp.

“This makes it possible to respond quickly and solve the problem immediately. Additionally, the yellow light of the old sodium lamps reflects few colours, compared to the 90% colour rendering of LED lamps. This improves visibility. And good lighting is crucial if you want to use security cameras.”

Digital meters were also installed in order to measure the energy consumption of the new lights.

Flemish grid operator Fluvius already has extensive experience converting urban and municipal lighting to LEDs, but the work was able to be done much more quickly in the Port than in a dense residential area or inner city.

Port of Antwerp is aiming to reduce the energy consumption of its buildings and lighting by 5% by 2023.