'Your parcel is on the way': Bpost warns of new text scam

'Your parcel is on the way': Bpost warns of new text scam
Credit: The Brussels Times

People in Belgium have been warned of a new scam text being sent out to mobile phones across the country which asks people to click a link because their "parcel is on its way."

The text - sent in French - reads "votre colis est en route, suivez-le ici," as well as a link. Clicking it sends you to a fake web page with the bpost logo and asks you to download a virus hiding as an application.  

"If you click on the link in a phishing message, you will usually be directed to a fake web page. As soon as you pay with your bank details or change your password, you give fraudsters access to your data," Bpost warns on its website.

In an effort to avoid these situations, the company stressed that it never asks for personal information by e-mail or SMS. It additionally recommends that customers: 

  • Don't rely on just any SMS or e-mail, and don't give your data to just anyone
  • Ask yourself first if you are expecting a parcel.
  • Only communicate your personal information if you are 100% sure that you are dealing with bpost.

If you receive suspicious mail, sent it to suspect@safeonweb.be. 

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