Trapped child freed from Bpost parcel locker

Trapped child freed from Bpost parcel locker
A locker similar to the one the child was trapped in. Credit: google maps

An 11-year old from the Flemish city of Mechelen was the focus of a rescue by local emergency services on Wednesday after he became trapped in a Bpost parcel machine.

The child, who was not injured in the incident, climbed into the open machine and closed the door, only to find he could not open it again.

His friends rushed to tell neighbours, who then contacted emergency services to ask for help. After arriving first on the scene, the police opened the door with a crowbar to make sure the child could breathe.

"We were in contact the whole time and were able to reassure the boy," police spokesman Dirk Van de Sande told HLN. "He was conscious during the whole operation," he added.

The locker was then fully opened by the fire brigade, and the boy was released.

Police are now looking to find out if the locker has been left open, or if the children opened it. Parcel lockers on adjacent streets were also found to be open, according to reports.

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