Bankruptcy looms for Let’s Go Urban

Bankruptcy looms for Let’s Go Urban
Sihame El Kaouakibi. © Belga

The court-appointed administrator for the affairs of the Antwerp social dance project Let’s Go Urban has officially applied for bankruptcy, she told VTM News.

The project is the brainchild of Sihame El Kaouakibi, until recently a member of the Flemish parliament for Open VLD – until the controversy surrounding this and other organisations under her wing led the party to remove the party whip.

She remains an MP, but without party affiliation. Since the controversy arose, she has not attended parliament.

The city of Antwerp has withdrawn the recognition for the non-profit organisation to engage in youth work and no longer makes operating resources available,” said administrator Annemie Moens.

In addition, the concession for the building (the Urban Center) has been withdrawn, which means that it has to be evacuated and there is, therefore, no more work-space for the non-profit. Finally, I expect the necessary compensation claims in connection with the presumably incorrect use of resources.”

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El Kaouakibi faces problems from the fact that generous subsidies awarded for Let’s Go Urban – a much-lauded project that took young people of all races off the streets and involved them in modern music and dance – had been diverted into other ventures she was working on, as well as some private affairs.

News first came to light when directors of the project sounded the alarm and called for the court to appoint an outside administrator – Annemie Moens. Since then, the city of Antwerp has cut off all funding.

The assignment I received from the court in Tongeren on April 27 was to investigate whether or not the non-profit organisation was still viable. I have come to the conclusion that this is not the case,” Moens told De Morgen.

Then, in accordance with the law, I have the task of filing a writ of bankruptcy against the association. The court will have to decide next Thursday in the corporate court in Antwerp whether there is a bankruptcy situation and whether or not to declare bankruptcy.”

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