Don't expect new relaxations on Friday, says Corona Commissioner

Don't expect new relaxations on Friday, says Corona Commissioner
Credit: Belga

Even though all coronavirus figures in Belgium continue to decrease steadily, people should not expect any new relaxations from the Consultative Committee on Friday, according to Corona Commissioner Pedro Facon.

If the current trend continues, the number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care will drop below 400 by the end of this week, and possibly below 300 by mid-June, health officials stated on Tuesday.

"However, the danger has not gone away," Facon told Bel RTL. "We will announce the planned relaxations on Friday, but I do not expect any additional easing on top of those that were planned."

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By dropping below 400 patients this week, Belgium is doing a lot better than the threshold of 500 Covid-19 patients in ICU set by the previous Consultative Committee.

On Friday, the Committee is expected to give the official go-ahead for the first phase of the "summer plan" that will go into force from 9 June, and will allow the indoor areas of the hospitality industry and a number of other businesses, such as gyms and cinemas, to reopen.

Additionally, the Committee will also work out the modalities for the 'Digital Covid Certificate' for tree travel within the EU during the pandemic, as well as its Belgian modalities.

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