Same closing time for hospitality sector ‘must be possible’ soon, says Verlinden

Same closing time for hospitality sector ‘must be possible’ soon, says Verlinden
Many international workers are employed in the hotel and catering industry. Credit: Belga

Setting the same closing hour for the indoor and outdoor areas of the hospitality sector “must be possible in the short term,” said Interior Affairs Minister Annelies Verlinden ahead of the Consultative Committee this afternoon.

“On Wednesday, we received advice from the Council of State. The intention is to publish the Ministerial Decree in the Official Gazette today,” Verlinden said on Flemish radio.

“That way, we can immediately make sure that if the Consultative Committee decides on minor adjustments for the measures from 9 June, we include them,” she added.

As it stands now, the indoor areas of bars and restaurants will have to close at 10:00 PM while their terraces can remain open until 11:30 PM, but the Flemish government wants the times to be brought into line.

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“At the previous Consultative Committee, it was discussed that the epidemiological situation inside is more dangerous than outside, hence the distinction,” Verlinden said.

However, the government should be able to “rectify this situation in the short term,” considering the good progress of the figures, according to her.

“However, I can of course not predict the Consultative Committee’s decisions,” Verlinden added.

In the meantime, the next meeting of the Committee has been planned for 11 June, next Friday. “Then we can see if we can allow further relaxations in the course of the month or certainly by the beginning of July.”

Today’s Consultative Committee will meet today from 2:00 PM, and will hold a press conference to announce to announce its decisions afterwards, the cabinet of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo confirmed to The Brussels Times. No timing has been communicated yet.

An overview of what’s on the table can be found here.

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