Scooter battery explodes while charging: first-degree burns

Scooter battery explodes while charging: first-degree burns
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The owner of an electric scooter suffered first-degree burns when the battery of the scooter exploded while charging, the Brussels fire brigade reports via Bruzz.

According to the fire service, this is the fourth such incident in the last eight days.

Last Sunday there was a similar incident in Saint-Josse, and on Wednesday there were two interventions at the same address, in the warehouse of a professional rental company of electric two-wheelers,” said spokesman Walter Derieuw.

The owner of the vehicle was at home on Chaussée de Louvain when the incident occurred, at around 05.00 this morning and removed the scooter to the garden where is was hosed down and then the battery immersed in water to prevent it flaring up again.

The owner suffered minor burns which could be treated on the spot.

The fire service meanwhile advised care and vigilance when dealing with electric scooters.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use,” said Derieuw.

Use only the original charger supplied with the device or only purchase accessories from well-known manufacturers. Allow devices to cool down after prolonged or intensive use, always place the battery near a smoke detector, in a fire-safe area away from combustible materials. Do not place the battery in direct sunlight or on a heating system, but in a dry place with a stable temperature and do not store your electric vehicle in the blazing sun for a long time.”

Users should also make sure to be present when charging, and not to do so indoors overnight when asleep. The same problem has been detected with some phone chargers which users have left to charge overnight.

Remove the plug from the socket when the battery is full,” Derieuw said. “If you have had a collision or have dropped the battery, check it for damage and always have it thoroughly inspected by a specialist.”

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