Proximus will cut roaming fees outside EU from this summer

Proximus will cut roaming fees outside EU from this summer
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Customers of Proximus will continue to benefit from national tariffs while travelling outside the EU by paying for a daily roaming pass from Thursday 1 July.

The daily pass will be activated automatically for 24 hours as soon as the customer makes a phone call, sends more than two SMS or MMS messages, or engages in a mobile data session. The call minutes, SMS messages and surfing volumes consumed abroad will then be deducted from the normal monthly quotas.

The cost of the pass will depend on the zone visited. For zone A countries, it will be €5.95 per 24-hour segment of mobile service use abroad. For zone B countries, the pass will cost €11.95 per 24-hour period.

“No other fee will be charged for communications within the country visited or to Belgium if you remain within the limits of your monthly subscription and the legal limit of €60 VATC for Internet mobile communications abroad,” Proximus stated.

A maximum of 10 Daily Roaming Pass will be charged per month. From the 11th day, it will remain active without any extra charges for the rest of the month.

Zone A includes favourite destinations for Belgian travellers such as Switzerland, Morocco, the United States, Canada and Turkey. Zone B comprises countries less visited such as Laos, Vietnam, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Peru.

For Enterprise clients, Proximus will also reduce its prices for data use outside the EU from €12 per megabyte (MB) to €0.20/MB, excluding VAT, with the exception of a few countries.

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