More rainy days before end of week brings sunnier weather

More rainy days before end of week brings sunnier weather
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Despite being halfway through July, the sun has made few appearances, but by the end of this week, the arrival of summer in Belgium is expected.

The start of the week will see rainier and slightly colder weather, as from Monday afternoon onwards, local, intense showers accompanied by thunderstorms could be expected, especially in the east of Belgium, the Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) has warned.

Although the sun won't make much of an appearance on Monday, temperatures will vary between 19 degrees in the southern part of Belgium and 24 degrees in the Kempen, with light to moderate winds expected.

From Tuesday until Thursday, there will be a slight risk of mist and fog in some regions, whilst minimum temperatures will drop slightly to between 15 and 17 degrees. Local rain showers are expected to shift westwards.

For the rest of the week, rain and thunderstorms are expected almost every day across Belgium, until Friday, when the weather is finally expected to become more summery again, and dry weather has been forecast for the following days.

"From then on, the air pressure should rise, making it mostly dry. But there will still be a fair amount of clouds," according to weather forecaster Sabine Hagedoren. 

However, from Saturday afternoon, the sun will come through, as temperatures will start to rise again, reaching 23 degrees in some parts of the country.

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