Ghent gets first open-air dance party as coronavirus test event

Ghent gets first open-air dance party as coronavirus test event
Credit: Flanders Expo

Around 2,000 people will be able to attend East Flanders' first open-air dance party, which will be organised as an official test event.

The MODUL'AIR event will be held throughout the day on a weekly basis starting from 25 July at Flanders Expo in Ghent with the aim of proving that safe and healthy partying is possible during a pandemic if all attendees are tested.

"We will also test the fully vaccinated, as we want to exclude any possible contamination as much as possible," organiser Gilles De Bruyne told VRT News. 

To enter the event, party-goers will have to use Belgium's coronavirus certificate app (, proving that they have either recently been fully vaccinated, recovered from the virus or undergone a PCR test, and will have to undergo a rapid antigen test on-site.

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According to the event's Facebook page, attendees will be able to dance and stand wherever without having to social distance.

Alcohol will be served during the party, however, there will be security people on location "because we realise that here and there irresponsible behaviour might occur due to alcohol consumption," De Bruyne explained.

"Our sector has been on lockdown since March 2020. After a year, I thought: 'Enough is enough' and wondered if it is possible. Together with the city of Ghent, we started looking for options. This test event is the most obvious possibility," De Bruyne said.

Earlier this month, a similar test event with 250 people took place in La Madeleine in Brussels, which was deemed a "medical" success as no one tested positive even seven days after the event, despite dancing without a face mask and social distancing.

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