Brussels trams disguised as cornets of ‘frietjes’ on National Day

Brussels trams disguised as cornets of ‘frietjes’ on National Day
Credit: STIB (screenshot from video on Twitter)

Brussels public transport operator STIB has decided to put one of Belgium’s most popular dishes – a packet of “frietjes”- in the spotlight on National Day by posting videos of its trams disguised as cornets filled with the fried potatoes.

The video on Twitter showcases trams that have been turned into large food items through 3D integrations riding nearby the city centre, where the military and civilian parades are taking place.

“The 3D artist @origiful (Ian Padgham) is behind this project, and the rest of his work will be presented to you soon,” STIB said on its Twitter account.

In the past, Padgham already disguised trams in the French city of Bordeaux as a bottle of wine and as French baguettes and made it look so realistic that the Bordeaux transport service (TBM) had to clear up any doubts on Twitter.

“There are a several among you who are doubting, so we might as well clear up the doubts: no, there is no bottle tram running in Bordeaux. And without wishing to be a killjoy, imagine what it would be like to drive such a machine..,” the organisation said.

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