People who missed second vaccine can now book catch-up appointment

People who missed second vaccine can now book catch-up appointment
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From tomorrow/Thursday, people who missed their second coronavirus vaccination can book a new appointment at the centre where they got their first dose, the Flemish Care and Health Agency announced.

The vaccination centres will provide additional moments for catch-up vaccination, for the roughly 45,000 people who are currently eligible for this, according to Care and Health.

"It is crucial that we give as many Flemish people as possible the chance to get their second shot," stressed Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke.

"After all, the double vaccination means that the risk of hospitalisation is reduced to virtually zero," he said. "These catch-up moments are therefore an excellent thing in terms of group immunity."

The Care and Health Agency emphasised the importance of getting the second shot for all vaccines that require two doses (AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer), even if that second dose is later than it was supposed to be.

"Getting a second dose at a later time is safer than not getting a second dose at all," the agency said on its website. The second dose further increases the degree of protection and ensures that it lasts longer.

"Certainly for protection against certain virus variants, such as the Delta variant, this second dose is very important to achieve and maintain a sufficiently high degree of protection," the agency added.

From Thursday 5 August, the vaccination centres are freeing extra moments for catch-up vaccinations, but people will not get a new invitation and have to make their new appointment themselves.

To do this, they have to:

-  look up their vaccination code. They can find it in their invitation letter, e-mail or via

-  surf to and fill in their vaccination code, so they can make a new appointment. Don't forget to confirm. If they enter their email address correctly, they will receive an email confirming the new appointment.

People who receive an error message after entering their vaccination code can look in their mailbox for the confirmation of their second appointment, and click on 'cancel appointment.'

After that, they should be able to make a new appointment. Don't forget to confirm. If their email address is correct, they will also receive a confirmation email for their new appointment.

People who cannot reschedule the appointment themselves, are asked to call the helpdesk of their local vaccination centre.

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