CovidSafeBE app launches new, easier and more secure update

CovidSafeBE app launches new, easier and more secure update
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On Tuesday, an update for the CovidSafeBE app, already used by more than four million people, was launched, making it more user-friendly, easier and more secure to use.

Among the new features, it will be possible to check for yourself, for each certificate, whether you can attend an event or not. The application already allows you to download, present and store a Covid certificate.

Another important change is that downloading certificates for children will be easier, thanks to the "Search for new certificates" button. All certificates will be grouped together, avoiding the need to search for them again.

Additionally, this new version will make it more difficult to falsify certificates, as an official layout with a moving watermark around the QR Code has been created.

Screenshots or photos of the application will no longer be accepted when scanning the certificate.

Finally, the last update concerns travel in Europe.

The application now offers a link to the website of the federal authorities, where users will be able to find all the useful information on travel: from the colour codes per country to the restrictions in force in each country.

Launched on 16 June, CovideSafeBE has already been downloaded more than four million times in Belgium.

According to the digital department of the Flemish parliament, more than 19 million certificates have already been requested via the application. Certificates can also be requested by post via the contact centres.

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