SNCB launches interactive scavenger hunt game

SNCB launches interactive scavenger hunt game
Image from SNCB

Belgian railway company SNCB is releasing an interactive scavenger hunt game on Thursday as part of Mobility Week and the European Year of Railways, according to a press release.

The game, titled “Hello Train,” will be open for three weeks and calls on participants to search for objects and places emblematic of the railway in 35 stations throughout the country.

Each object or location found earns points towards a prize at the end of the game.

The railway company describes the game as “a treasure hunt for the whole family on the theme of railways.”

“All the objects and places are located in the SNCB's stations and can easily be discovered during train journeys. The objects, and the corresponding explanations in the app, not only allow you to discover different places, but also to learn more about the SNCB and its activities,” SNCB said in a statement.

Interested players will have to download the “Hello Train” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play in order to participate.

Translation: Celebrate the European Year of Rail with the #SNCB by participating in the Hello Train virtual geocaching game! Download the app, play and try to win great prizes including tickets to the Alice on the Roof concert at Train World!

The app provides an overview of the different locations and objects.

“Each object symbolises one of the SNCB's priorities: safety and punctuality, satisfied customers, its employees, sustainable mobility, accessibility and intermodality,” the company explained.

“There are also ten places to discover in the form of recognisable and unique places in the stations. These include the star in the entrance hall of Brussels North, urban art in Hasselt station and a work of art in the underpass of Tournai.”

Players who spot an object or place can scan a QR code using the app to earn points. They can also answer questions to earn bonus points.

The first prize is tickets to a concert by Belgian pop artist Alice on The Roof on Wednesday 27 October at Train World, the museum of the Belgian National Railway.

The game is open from Thursday 16 September to Thursday 7 October.

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