Liège to host the ‘House of Giants’ exhibit on child safety

Liège to host the ‘House of Giants’ exhibit on child safety
Photo from La Maison des Géants

Liège will be hosting the ‘House of Giants’ exhibit from now until 2 October, according to Belga News Agency.

The exhibit is a house in which adults can wander through rooms whose furniture has all been scaled up in order to give them the perspective a child would have, drawing attention to potential dangers.

Members of the public are invited to explore the house and objects playfully, and a self-guide offers advice on how to child-proof different areas of the home for safety.

“Domestic accidents kill three times more people in Europe than road accidents. And it is young children who are most at risk of being involved in these accidents,” said La Ligue des familles, who organises the exhibit.

Their mission is to create a society adapted to the realities of families through civil and political action.

Photos from La Maison des Géants

According to the Red Cross, a partner in the project, the most common type of household accident is a fall, which constitutes 50 percent of all such accidents.

“That’s followed by burns, and in third place is poisoning from household products and medicines,” said Laura Lopez, director of the Red Cross Youth in French-speaking Belgium.

Liège is said to be the first French-speaking city to host the exhibit.

“We wanted to be associated with this essential project,” said Willy Demeyer, the mayor of Liege.

“This playful way of preventing serious accidents for our children appealed to us immediately. It is therefore a source of pride for Liège to be the first French-speaking city to host this tour of the House of Giants.”

After Liège, the exhibit will travel to Hainaut, Ghent and then Brussels, where it will be from 10 - 21 November.

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