Asylum centre in Brussels goes on strike on Monday

Asylum centre in Brussels goes on strike on Monday
The "Petit-Château" in Brussels became a centre for arrival of asylum seekers in 1986. Credit: Belga

A 24-hour strike will take place on Monday at the Petit Château center for asylum seekers in Brussels, De Tijd newspaper reported on Saturday.

The asylum seekers center, which is run by “Fedasil”, the Belgian agency for the reception of asylum seekers, is currently almost full. At the same time, the monthly number of asylum applications is at its highest level since the 2015 migration crisis, Belga News Agency reports.

"We are at full capacity," says director Isabelle Plumat, who supports the action. The centre says it wants to avoid "Dutch-style situations", referring to a center in the Dutch city of Ter Apel which had to let hundreds of asylum seekers sleep on cots and chairs last week due to lack of space.

"We have been sounding the alarm for months," says Plumat. "We are in a crisis situation, and are not ready to deal with it.” The Petit Château center is calling for more places and resources for the entire reception network.

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