Anti-vaxxers demonstrate against Covid Safe Ticket in Brussels

“The Government knows where and when you go somewhere,” protesters shouted.

Hundreds of supporters of the anti-vaxx movement gathered on Saturday outside the headquarters of the Pfizer pharmaceutical company to protest against the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) and mandatory vaccinations.

Participants in the demonstration, organised by Mons anti-vaxx doctor David Bouillon, denounced what they saw as the “pressure” being placed on people who do not wish to be vaccinated.

They felt that the CST curtailed their freedom and was a way of monitoring the population, according to Belga News Agency. “The Government knows where and when you go somewhere,” they shouted.

"Don’t inject me”, “Don’t touch my freedom”, some placards read.

The CST, which is the Belgian version of the European Health Certificate, has been compulsory in Brussels since 15 October. It needs to be presented by persons aged 16 and above, at hospitality establishments (except outdoors), nightspots, discotheques, sports and fitness clubs (except those linked to schools), commercial fairs and congresses, cultural, festive and recreational structures, and establishments catering for vulnerable persons.

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It is also required for anyone aged 12 years and above wishing to enter wellness establishments in the Belgian capital or to participate in a mass event – from 50 persons indoors and 200 persons outdoors.

The CST will be required in Wallonia from the 1st of November.

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