Covid Safe Ticket targeted by legal action

Covid Safe Ticket targeted by legal action
Credit: Belga

It is less than a week that the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) has been required to participate in many social activities such as entering bars or restaurants, but already it is the object of a legal complaint, Le Soir reported on Thursday.

A court hearing is expected to take place on Friday in Brussels with the aim of suspending the use of the CovidScan application that is used to verify the QR codes of the CST, according to Belga News Agency.

The legal action “aims to put an end to the multiple GDPR data breaches and notably, to prevent personal details of vaccinated individuals from being leaked,” claimants say. This follows a leak detected at the start of October.

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The complaint has been lodged by Charta21, an association of legal experts that was created during the confinement with the aim of protecting fundamental rights – especially in people’s private lives.

The action targets eHealth – the platform that facilitates the health data exchanges and manages the verification programmes for the CST. A separate complaint has also been filed with the Authority for Data Protection (APD).

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