More wolf attacks: 15 deer killed at family resort over the weekend

More wolf attacks: 15 deer killed at family resort over the weekend

Fifteen deer were killed by wolves in the Belgian province of Limburg this weekend, between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The deer were living in a fenced-in meadow at Hengelhoef, a family resort where people vacation, according to De Standaard.

“It’s terrible,” said Jos Mennen of the Oostappen group that manages the holiday resort.

“We received the report via Limburgs Landschap. It’s a real bloodbath. We regret that some passers-by saw the animals that were bitten to death.”

The deer meadow is part of the resort, intended to allow families to observe the animals in the same way as a zoo.

“We know that wolves have caused this, but to be on the safe side a veterinarian has been called in to take samples so that we can be absolutely sure,” Mennen said, adding that “the killed deer are scattered all over the area.”

While the meadow is completely fenced in, the wolves were seemingly able to crawl under it.

“We thought that the wolf's territory ended in Oudsbergen, but it is apparently expanding,” said Mennen.

There were 40 deer on the estate, but now there are only 25 left.

Mayor Alain Yzermans regrets the event in Hengelhoef, saying that “the wolf defence team is still going to look at the scene and report back.”

“In the meantime, I have already requested a meeting with the Nature and Forest Agency. I will meet with them tomorrow. Of course it's a pity, especially for the people who are doing their best to make it a beautiful area.”

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