Mandatory vaccination will be on the table today, says Di Rupo

Mandatory vaccination will be on the table today, says Di Rupo
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The issue of mandatory vaccination will be put on the table during today's Consultative Committee meeting, Walloon Minister-President Elio Di Rupo told local media on Wednesday morning.

Di Rupo's Parti Socialiste wants to lead the debate on the mandatory vaccination for the entire population from 18-years-old, the Belga News Agency reports.

"Today, we are going to take a series of measures and check whether these measures bear fruit," Di Rupo said on RTL. "But if the measures do not bear fruit, we are not going to close entire sectors again. Therefore, the medium-term solution is mandatory vaccination. It puts the whole population on an equal footing and means that we no longer have groups that feel discriminated against."

The Consultative Committee will meet at 2:30 PM to discuss which measures should be in place to slow the further spread of Covid-19.

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The issue of mandatory vaccination is not expected to be decided on Wednesday, with Prime Minister Alexander De Croo already warning that he does not support the idea.

"In French this is called 'une fausse bonne idée' (a false good idea)," he explained, referring to something that at first glance seems like a good idea but does not work as well as expected.

"While it sounds easy, it is not at all in practice and I think that it will have other effects," De Croo said, adding that people who could still be persuaded might be more likely to reject the idea.

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