'Jackpotting' attempt sees 62 ATMs closed in Belgium

'Jackpotting' attempt sees 62 ATMs closed in Belgium
Credit: Canva

The Belgian bank Argenta will close 62 ATMs in Belgium after an attempted 'jackpotting' of a machine in the Antwerp area.

Jackpotting, a method used to exploit vulnerabilities in the machines, can result in ATMs dispensing their entire cash reserves to thieves. The theft is not linked to any single account and allows the thief to remain undetected.

A security company was alerted to the incident in Dessel, where they found a damaged ATM, the Belga News Agency reports. The police have launched an investigation, says Argenta. It is not yet known whether the thieves successfully took any money.

A similar attack occurred last weekend in Sint-Niklaas (East Flanders). A surveillance company quickly intervened on the spot and prevented the thieves from taking their loot.

As a result of these attempted robberies, the bank decided to take action and close 62 ATMs pending further security measures.

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