Belgium’s largest hospital network to be built around the ULB

Belgium’s largest hospital network to be built around the ULB

With 4,466 beds, Chorus will become the largest of Belgium’s 25 hospital networks, La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure reported on Friday.

The hospital collaboration organised around the ULB is now considered to be on track for completion.

The Brussels public/private network, with a branch in Walloon Brabant, has had its statutes approved by the seven boards of directors concerned, the office of Brussels Minister for Health Alain Maron (Ecolo), the told the newspapers.

“We have reached an agreement. It was a dystopian delivery, with many complications, but in the end it was done,” said Dr. Philippe El Haddad, medical director of Chirec.

Chorus is a secular grouping of seven hospitals organised around the ULB, which includes five public hospitals, St. Peter’s, Brugmann, Bordet and HIS (Iris Sud: Baron Lambert, Bracops, Ixelles, Molière-Longchamp), as well as two private hospitals, Erasmus and Chirec.

The 25 so-called loco-regional networks in Belgium were born out of a reform by Health Minister Maggie De Block with a goal of streamlining Belgian health infrastructure.

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