Facebook and Instagram have 8.3 million users in Belgium

Facebook and Instagram have 8.3 million users in Belgium
Credit: Belga

Facebook and Instagram now have a combined total of 8.3 million users aged 13 years, and over in Belgium, according to data compiled by SoPRISM, a Belgian start-up specializing in audience profiling, Sudinfo reported on Saturday.

About 3.2 million of these users are registered on both social media, while 4.2 million are only on Instagram and 7.3 million are on Facebook.

Women, who make up a majority of the population, are also in the majority on the two networks, but much more on Instagram (53.7%) than on Facebook (50.7%).

Instagram has a younger profile. The two age groups most represented are 25-34 years (28.5%) and 18-24 years (23.5%). On Facebook, it’s 25-34 years (21.9%) and 35-44 years (19.2%).

The language most often used on both networks in Belgium is Dutch – 52.1% for Facebook, 50% for Instagram. On Instagram, English (41.5%) comes in second, ahead of French (35.7%). However, on Facebook, French (49.3%) is used more often than English (41.1%).

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