Ultra-fast Fibre optic network expands rapidly in Wallonia

Ultra-fast Fibre optic network expands rapidly in Wallonia
Unifiber has been installing high-speed connectivity in the Wallonia region. Credit: Belga

Five months after becoming operational, Unifiber has been making greater progress than expected with the rollout of the fibreoptic network in Wallonia and has now raised its target to link 600,000 households in Wallonia, the company announced on Saturday.

The company is the joint enterprise of Proximus and Eurofiber and aims to transform connectivity in the region.

At its creation in July, Unifiber had expected to be able to connect 500,000 households to this “network of the future.” However, “given the success of our proceedings with the communes, Unifiber’s board of directors has decided to increase this figure to 600,000 households,” Unifiber CEO Nico Weymaere explained.

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“Thus far, 25 communes have validated the partnership with Unifiber,” he added. “We already have orders for the next few years for close to 185,000 households to be connected to the network of the future. The number is growing all the time and very quickly. We need to remember that the service we offer the communes is free.”

According to Unifiber’s promises, the service should provide all users – individuals, schools, companies and public services – with stable, ultra-fast connections to the Internet through the operator of their choice.

The first customers will soon be able to connect in Waterloo, the Brabant commune in which the joint company is headquartered.

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