Protests in Ghent against Covid measures

Protests in Ghent against Covid measures
Credit: Belga

About 100 persons gathered on Saturday in Ghent’s Citadel Park to protest against measures meant to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, Belga news agency reports.

“This is a politically independent platform,” the initiators of the “Heart for our children” rally said.

Police present at the event confirmed the presence of about 100 persons there.

Many of the speakers spoke out against the Covid-related restrictions in general and those that affect children.

A call had been made on social media to march in a group from Oostakker neighbourhood to Citadel Park on Saturday. The police were on hand in Oostakker, but did not need to intervene.

Like the federal and capital police, the mayor of Ghent, Mathias De Clerq, had banned any gathering of the “Freedom Convoy” in his city, and called for the prohibition to be complied with.

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