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Delphine Boel – case due back in court on 2 October

On Tuesday, lawyers involved in the Boel case stated that the case is scheduled to continue on Oct. 2nd in order for the court to give an opinion regarding the hearing, which lasted all day.  Delphine Boel brought the case to the Brussels civil court in order to challenge the paternity of Jacques Boel, her legal father, and have King Albert II recognized as her real father. The court will provide a written recommendation to the various parties on September 29th. Both parties will have until October 1st to communicate their replies to the recommendation.

Finally, on October 2nd there will be a new hearing for the judge to orally declare his recommendations, and the parties will have the opportunity to respond. The case will be taken under advisement and a trial date will be set

The prosecutor made no specific comments concerning the hearing.

Alain De Jonge, Delphine Boel’s lawyer, indicated that his client had not been called to speak at the hearing. He declined to say whether or not King Albert II was asked to take a DNA test.

Delphine Boel, in turn, got into a car and left the courthouse without commenting on the case. 

(Source: Belga)