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Permanent jobs more appealing to the younger generation

According to a survey conducted by sociologists Mark Elchardus and Petrus Te Braak (VUB), most young people on the job market would choose a permanent contract over a temporary one, and preferably within the same company. The results of this survey were reported by De Standaard on Wednesday.

Two thousand young workers were surveyed, 88% with permanent employment and 12% with temporary employment. Barely a quarter of those surveyed saw any purpose in constantly changing jobs. More than half of them hoped one day  to be able to say that they have been with the same company for twenty years or more.

According to researchers, permanent employment remains the norm.

“Over the last 15 years I have continued to hear that flexible jobs were more in tune with today’s society and better suited to the workers, but it seems that this is not fair. Management book authors are obviously mistaken “said Mark Elchardus.

(Source: Belga)