Walloon Brabant – 12 to 15 year sentences for the three accused of murdering Anne-Françoise Maque

On Friday, the Criminal Court of Walloon Brabant handed down the verdict in the case of the death of Anne-Françoise Maque.   Johan Luijten was sentenced to 15 years in prison, Kevin Witpas to 14 years nd Bryan P., a minor at the time of the murder, received 12 years.  The general prosecutor had requested a a maximum sentence of 15 to 20 years , however the court did not grant that request, taking into account the mitigating circumstances for each person such as their young age and lack of criminal history at the time. The court did, however, take note of the extreme severity of the situation, the violence exerted on the victim, the pain suffered by Anne-Françoise Maque, the cowardice of the three accused who attacked a vulnerable woman and the disregard they had shown up until the end of the trial.

The sentences were different considering that Johan Luijten was the leader of the group, Kevin Witpas was a follower but he was the one to strike the victim first, while Bryan P., underage at the time, was scarred from a childhood without a father or any kind of guidance

The general prosecutor demanded the immediate arrest of Kevin Witpas and Johan Luijten in the wake of the verdict but the court refused.

(Source: Belga)

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