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Liège: Man drags dog for several kilometers

On Sunday, a 43-year old Dutchman was referred to a judge in Liege for animal cruelty, assault, and resisting arrest. On Saturday night, around midnight, passers-by called the local police of Liege after seeing a car driving through the streets with a dog attached to the trailer hitch.

The motorist was arrested by police during a stop at a gas station at the Barbou dock in Liege.

By that time the dead animal had been placed in the trunk of the man’s vehicle. 

The man resisted, injuring two police officers, who will now be unable to work for seven days. A sword was also found in the trunk of his car.

In custody, with the assistance of an interpreter, the man explained that he had not meant to kill the dog. 

He was on his way to France. Along the way, he stopped in Liege, took his pet out of the car, and strapped it to his trailer hitch.  He forgot to put his pet back in the car before getting back on the road and the animal was dragged for several kilometers.

An arrest warrant was issued against the Dutchman for animal cruelty, assault, and resisting arrest. 

Jonathan Morrisson (Source: Belga)