Federal Traffic Police to stage its second speed monitoring operation

Federal Traffic Police to stage its second speed monitoring operation

Despite last Friday’s announcement of a union boycott, the Federal Traffic Police still plans to carry out its second speed monitoring operation between 6AM on Friday and 6AM on Saturday, stated Michaël Jonniaux, director of the Federal Traffic Police.  The first operation took place in April .

With regard to the federal police, "there will be no staff requisitions made in order to carry out this operation," he said.

One hundred local police zones announced their participation in the operation, but the final number is still unknown.  More information concerning the number of participants should be available by Friday.

The decision to go ahead with this operation is due to the "success" of the first one and "in the interest of road safety. “Over 50% of citizens were in favor of a second operation and we found that people were driving slower than usual during the first operation. “

Last Friday, after a meeting with government officials, the police unions decided to uphold their boycott and jeopardize the upcoming “speed monitoring operation." However, the Federal Traffic Police decided to continue with the operation. The police unions are still waiting for measures to be taken so that they will not be affected by the judgment of the Constitutional Court, which delays the access certain agents will have to their pensions.

The results of this second operation should be available Monday afternoon.

(Source: Belga)

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