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Highest fines soon to get 120 euros higher

The most serious road traffic offences, such as doing a U-turn on the motorway or ignoring police traffic directions, are set to cost 450 euros next year, up from 330 euros, according to a Royal Decree inherited from the previous government, reports by Mediahuis press. The offences concerned are those of the ‘fourth degree’, the most serious, such as forcing a driver to go over the speed limit or ignoring instructions at a level crossing.

“In the field, the police will be issuing these 450-euro fines mainly to foreign offenders who will have to pay on the spot”, said a federal police specialist. Belgian drivers can also be fined this amount but in practice, they will most likely have to appear in police court.

The Royal Decree will be effective from January 1, 2015.

(Source: Belga)