Youth stabbed in Bruges – another arrest warrant against suspect for violating parole conditions

The investigating judge decided to issue another arrest warrant against a man from Louvain suspected of being involved in the death of Mikey Peters (19). The suspect, aged 21, has already spent four months in preventive custody before being released on parole by the Grand jury. He did not respect the conditions of his parole, so should be sent back to prison, insists the Bruges branch of the Flanders Prosecutors Office. Mikey Peters, a 19 year old from Bruges, was attacked with a knife by two men on the 30th of May just before 5am, near the Main Square in Bruges. He died in hospital a few hours later. One of the suspects, the 21 year old from Louvain, gave himself up to authorities the night after the incident. His suspected accomplice fled to Chechnya and is still in hiding there.
The suspect who was arrested and then released did not respect the curfew imposed by his parole conditions. According to his lawyer, he went out to buy cigarettes because he couldn’t sleep. He had in fact started to take sleeping tablets in prison, having been affected by events, and couldn’t sleep without them after returning home, his lawyer added.
On the way home, the young man met a friend who he walked some of the way with. This excursion happened to coincide with a local Louvain police operation in the area. The police came across the suspect when they went to question his friend, who was urinating on the main road. According to the suspect’s lawyer, he immediately told the police he was on parole. The police officers noted he was not drunk and not creating a problem, so he was allowed to go home.

The investigating judge still decided to issue an arrest warrant.

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