20% of young Belgians hope for return of Belgian franc

50% of Belgians aged between 25 and 35 would like the European Union to transfer more powers to national governments, and one out of 5 people polled hopes the Belgian franc will come back to replace the euro, according to research by sociologists Mark Elchardus and Petrus te Braak published by De Tidj today. 6 out of 10 of those canvassed have doubts about the free movement of persons within the European Union. Young people think Belgians in their own country should come before the Dutch, Greeks or Portuguese with regards hiring, social housing and benefits.

Flemish youths seem to be a bit more pro-European than Walloons. Amongst N-VA supporters, 85% hope the euro is here to stay. But only 60% of young socialists agree. 66% of voters for the PS and MR parties go as far as wishing the EU would give some powers back to Belgian authorities. On the Flemish side this type of percentage is only found amongst Vlaams Belang supporters.

(Source: Belga)

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