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Hackers sell passwords for Belgocontrol and Unions

A group of hackers specialized in blackmail over the internet, Rex Mundi, has attacked the database of the EasyPay Group, which contains 32,000 email addresses and passwords, among them those of Belgocontrol workers and members of the CGSP and CSC. The cybercriminals sold them for the measly sum of 30 euros, the Het Nieuwsblad and Het Laaste Nieuws reported on Wednesday. EasyPay informed their clients the data had been hacked on Tuesday. “It concerns data that our clients use to access judicial and social documentation”, explains zegt Els Pareit from the EasyPay Group.

Rex Mundi demanded a ransom but EasyPay didn’t pay up.

The company reported it to the Federal Computer Crime Unit.

(Source: Belga)