Eighty percent of police officers attacked at work

Eighty percent of police officers attacked at work

The results of a study done by the federal police involving 5,000 officers was presented by the P Committee in a recent report. It shows that officers and their families often have to deal with verbal and physical agressions and intimidation. 79% of officers questioned have dealt with verbal and physical agression during their careers. Sixty- two percent have dealt with threats and intimidations and 51% with physical agressions, the Sudpresse newspapers reported on Monday. Eighty-seven percent say they have been the victim of threats and intimidation, mainly towards their family (17%) during the 12 months before the study.

For half of the incidents, it was young men of 19 to 30 who attacked the officers.

An IT system that allows victims to report incidents more easily and directly should be put in place to centralise and count cases of violence toward officers.

(Source: Belga)

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