Vigilance still required on the Walloon road network

Vigilance still required on the Walloon road network

Vigilance is still required and the situation on the Walloon road network is being regularly monitored, the Walloon Regional Crisis Center (Centre Régional de Crise de Wallonie, CRC-W) said on Monday morning in a press release. Light snow showers are expected in certain areas of the Walloon region during the morning. These could turn into icy rain showers. The regional network will be salted overnight for safety reasons. Black ice or snow could still be present on the third lane of the motorways.

The Walloon Regional Crisis Center, the Perex center and Traffic police recommend all road users remain careful and vigilant if they have to use the roads, especially on the secondary network.

All motorists should adapt their speed, avoid sudden manoeuvres, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, have the necessary equipment (snow tyres), and check their vehicle. They should also not overtake the spreaders, anticipate risks and stay vigilant on slip roads and motorway exits and exposed areas like bridges.

(Source: Belga)

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