Brussels Prosecutor's office looking for mother and 3 minors headed for Syria

Brussels Prosecutor's office looking for mother and 3 minors headed for Syria

Brussels Prosecutor's office is currently looking for a mother and her 2 under-age sons, as well as her two brothers, one of which was born in 1999. The group is believed to be headed for Syria, announced the Prosecutor's Office on Friday, and started their journey in the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. The disappearance of the mother, Fatima B. born in 1983, and her two children, A. (born in 2010) and H. (born in 2012) was reported on February 13 by the the children's father. The Prosecutor explained the father "was concerned to find all his wife's personal belongings and clothes had disappeared, along with the children's and their identity documents." Youssef B., one of the mother's brothers, has probably already been in Syria for several months. "Several elements seem to indicate that the mother and children intended to travel to Syria," according to Brussels Prosecutor.

The disappearance was reported on February 13th, just after 7:00pm, but the children and their mother had already caught a plane, which had taken off from Amsterdam at 2:50pm. The mother, her two brothers and the children had an return flight and hotel booked for Turkey. "Their disappearance had clearly been well organised," notes Brussels Public Prosecutor's office.

The case has been transferred the Federal Prosecution Service. Brussels Public Prosecutor's office still retains jurisdiction over the fate of the minors involved in this case. "To date, we have not been able to locate the children, either in Turkey or Syria. We are working closely with the Turkish authorities and a search is being conducted for the children and the mother's under-age brother," explained Brussels Public Prosecutor's office.

E.B Faouzi, the father of two young children, is allegedly currently in Turkey.

(Source: Belga)

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