Businesses still pay more for electricity than in neighbouring countries

Businesses still pay more for electricity than in neighbouring countries

Belgian industry is paying much more for electricity than its counterpart in neighbouring countries according to a Deloitte study commissioned by Febeliec, the Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers, presented in Brussels on Wednesday. In 2015, Belgian industries will pay between 27% (per 1,000 GWh in Flanders) and 73% (100 GWh in Wallonia) more than similar-sized industries in neighbouring countries.  A previous study showed that in 2014, the average price difference was between 9 and 47%. In 2015, total electricity prices were around 82 euros/MWh in Wallonia (75 euros last year), compared to 65 euros/MWh in Flanders and 39 euros/MWh in Germany. When the cost of electricity in Belgium is compared to the average prices for industrial consumers in neighbouring countries (Germany, France and the Netherlands), Belgium is paying between 8 and 24 euros/MWh more in Wallonia and 7 to 9 euros/MWh more in Flanders.

According to the research, the cost of electricity has gone up since last year, amongst other reasons, because nuclear power stations production seems unreliable and lack of export capacity. “Existing taxes on electricity increase constantly and the introduction of a license fee to foster strategic reserves has led to an additional burden.”

Febeliec requests yet again that local and federal governments act to “re-establish energy fairness for business users compared to foreign countries, as indeed governments have said they would,” and calls on them to put energy norms in place.

(Source: Belga)  

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