Prince Laurent comes to the rescue of his two companies

Prince Laurent comes to the rescue of his two companies

Prince Laurent has pulled out all the stops to save two companies he is associated with: Cerbux Invest and REC Arlon 67. They both own the Brussels Renewable Energies Building, La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure revealed on Thursday. According to the administrator of the two companies, the situation is “difficult”. There are debts of more than 960,000 euros for REC Arlon 67 and 1.7 million for Cerbux Invest. These debts are not a problem in themselves, as they concern long term depreciations. The companies’ problems come from elsewhere. “On the 1st of April, the main tenant for our building, the Erec association, put themselves in auto-liquidation, and cancelled the long term rental contract they had with us”, reads the annex of REC Arlon’s 2013 results.

The two companies’ finances have been hit hard as they are largely depended on a 27 year rental contract with the Erec association. Erec was a European cooperation of operators specialised in renewable energy. It said the rent was too high, at around 700 euros for 10m².

The Prince is “actively” looking for new tenants for the Renewable Energies Building.

(Source: Belga)

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