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A jogger stabbed in Antwerp

A 34 year old man was stabbed twice in an Antwerp park on Saturday, while trying to stop a fight between two men. The victim is now off work for two weeks.  Police are looking for the person who stabbed him. The victim says he went jogging at around 6pm. He parked his car at Quinten Matsijslei. Around the skate park, near Rubenslei, he saw two men fighting. He asked if he could help. One of the men then took out a knife, and stabbed him in the forearm. According to the police, the victim tried to run, but fell over, which allowed the attacker to catch up with him. The suspect then stabbed the jogger a second time, in the stomach.

The victim eventually managed to run away. According to his statement, he used his car to go to the house of a woman he knows, but she wasn’t in. The victim then began looking for help, before collapsing in an internet shop. A passer-by called the emergency services.

Police went to the park and surrounding area to find evidence or witnesses, but found nothing.

(Source: Belga)