Masked man enters Filip Dewinter's home

Masked man enters Filip Dewinter's home

A masked and armed individual entered the home of MP Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) in Antwerp on Tuesday morning, reveals VTM Nieuws. Dewinter himself confirmed the news. Dewinter himself confirmed the news. He was away on holiday at the seaside when the break-in took place, but his son-in-law and a neighbour allegedly caught sight of the intruder. The man then took off and the police tried but failed to catch him.  “A man apparently entered my home at approximately 8:00am and left a black suit in a bush,” explains Filip Dewinter. “He was wearing sunglasses, a beanie and his face was covered. He was also armed. My neighbour saw him and immediately called the police. My son-in-law then came out of the house and ended up literally face-to-face with him. The man asked him in broken English if I lived there.”

When the son-in-law denied this was the home of the politician, the man panicked and ran away. “Police forces arrived quickly on the scene but weren't able to locate the man,” adds Filip Dewinter. Local police confirmed there had been a “threat” at the Filip Dewinter home on Tuesday morning but made no other comment.

(Source: Belga)

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