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Belgian tax burden on wages amongst highest in OECD zone

Childless single members of the workforce pay more taxes in Belgium than in any other OECD countries, according to “Tax burden on wages in 2015”, a report published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development on Tuesday. Belgium also has the second highest tax wedge for households with one earner and 2 children. In Belgium, the tax wedge (total taxes paid by employees and employers after family allowance is deducted) is the highest in the OECD zone for a childless single employee. If such a person earns the median wage, the tax wedge reaches 55.6%, whereas the OECD average is 36%. Between 2000 and 2014, the tax wedge for single employees earning a median wage decreased by 1.5%.

With an income representing 67% of the median wage, OECD estimates the Belgian tax wedge to be 49.9%, 0.2% less than in the 2013 report published by the European commission last June.

For single-salary (average wage) homes with 2 children, only Greece (43.4%) comes in in front of Belgium’s 40.6%.

(Source: Belga)